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September 18, 2013
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SHSL Acrobat: Roslin Soolar by heavensiren SHSL Acrobat: Roslin Soolar by heavensiren
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Basic Information

Name: Roslin Soolar
Age: 17
Height: 5’ 4”
Weight: 112 lbs.
Gender: Female
DOB: November 10th
Statues: Alive
Sexual preference: Come over here and I'll show you *wink*

SHSL Acrobatic: Roslin is a gifted performer, highly skilled in acrobatics, all forms of female gymnastics (rhythmic, uneven bars, floor, beam, and vault), and contortionism (front bender).
Home: Greek Romani (Gypsy); born in Greece but grew up mostly in England
Extra features: Has a scar running up her forehead from an.…accident. When nervous or lost in thought she has a habit of stretching or flexing her hands; she doesn't seem to be aware of this. Her hair is naturally a reddish-brown but she adds streaks of vibrant red and bleaches parts of it.
Weapons: N/A


Roslin’s is a bit rough to say the least. She gets a thrill from fighting, main from the rather rowdy crowds she spent time with as a kid. To her it’s a natural and enjoyable way of interacting with others and dealing with stress; she’ll be contrary just to get in a fight. She does really have a verbal filter and will speak to people however she wants, regardless of their position, and is fairly blunt with her feelings. However, she is a pretty forgiving person and will generally no hold grudges against you, aware that it’s probably her fault to begin with. Underneath all her arguing and her bad mouth Roslin’s actually a very cheerful and energetic person who enjoys company, as well as lots of attention. Though she will never tell anyone she has a deep fear of being left alone.

Raspberry hot chocolate// Romani culture// Stretching// Fighting// Arguments// Making innuendos about her flexibility// Wandering around// Being the center ring// soft music// swimming// GYMNASTICS

Skirts// Coffee// Math// Science// People with a superiority complex// Death// Clowns// Loneliness//

Additional Info.:
- Especially when she’s thinking Roslin will stand on her hands and walk around, since it helps with her concentration
- She prefers well-fitting clothing that are easy to move in.
- When mad or upset she has a habit of swearing in Greek
- Her last name is actually the last name of the owner of the circus she works for
- Though she specializes in acrobatics Roslin has gained several other skill during her time at the circus including basic animal care, juggling, rudimentary knife throwing, acting, and horseback riding
- Because of some incidents during her performances Roslin is slightly uncomfortable around men, especially those older than her.

Roslin was born to a poor family of Gypsies in Northern Greece and spent the early part of her childhood traveling. From a young age she learned how to do street tricks, her favorite being the one where she contorted her body into shapes to fit in a box which, being born double jointed, she was quit adept at. On her travels she saw many things, one of which was an older girl practicing gymnastics. Roslin became fascinated with the activity and began teaching it to herself from books she borrowed (forever), and began performing it in towns she stopped at.

In one of these towns there was a circus passing through. As it went by one of the head acrobats noticed Roslin’s street show and asked to watch her. As her show was still new at the time and constantly looking for performers ring leader of this circus, Bret Soolar, became very interested in Roslin and came to watch her several more times. She became so enameled with little Roslin that before his show left the town he came and offered the girl a spot in her circus. This put her family in a tough situation; keep their daughter or guaranty that she constantly has something to eat. In the end they agreed to let her go work with them, and at the rip age of six Roslin left her home to join Soolar’s Traveling Circus.

The next eight years of her life passed by in a happy flash. After the first few years she began losing touch with her parents, but neither group seemed to mind all that much. Her family had become the members of the circus and she had even started using the ring leader’s last name, her own name forgotten years ago. Roslin was more than thrilled to find out that her trainer at the circus was a former English Olympic gymnast, Aaron White, and very willing to teacher her a bit in their free time. When she was twelve during the circuses off seasons he began taking her to competitions in the areas they stayed in and later, as she improved and began winning more awards, to ones out of the country. At fifteen Aaron fell ill and had to leave the show and move back to his home in England, leaving a heartbroken Roslin to take over as the head acrobat for the show.

Working in her professions Roslin witnessed and has been part of her fair share of accidents, including a scare she got that tore a good portion of her forehead off. The worst was an accident she witnessed by a fellow participant at a gymnastics competition where the girl fell and broke her neck, later dying from the injury. Because of this and her own instilled belief as a child of the impurity of it Roslin is very uncomfortable with the concept of death.

As time went on the circus became more and more successful and collected incredible performers from around the world. Roslin was able to perform for some of the wealthiest and most influential people in the world and made a very good name for herself and a talented acrobat.

One day a letter came from Japan asking to join a school called Hopes Peak Academy because of her exceptional talent for acrobatics, which apparently could be considered a “super high school level” skill. Roslin decided not to question how decidedly strange this was and continued reading. She was less than thrilled with the idea of moving all the way to some island in the Pacific just to attend school, but the rest of her troop encouraged her so forcefully that eventually she agreed to go. Honestly she was a bit offended, it was like they wanted her to get a proper education or something.

Now Roslin stared up at the looming gates of Hoped Peak Academy, a glorious symbol of hope and a bright future or something along those lines. Taking a deep breath she took her first steps through the entrance hoping silently for some good fortune for once.


Info: Notes, Chat, Doc, pretty much anything but Skype (mine's been acting a bit weird lately)
Time Zone: Central

“Roslin get down from there.” A voice screeched through the air. Roslin balance on the edge of her perch 10 meters above the ground, rolling carelessly on the balls of her feet as if preparing to dive into a pool of water. “Roslin get-“And then she jump, her feet pushing her off the platform and into the air in a graceful arc. As she feel the wind tore through her hair sending it up in spirals. Just a moment more and it would be over, she closed her eyes tightly preparing for the landing as she tumbled down, down, down…….and landed with a small thump on the net below her. After taking a moment to adjust herself to being back on a semi-firm surface she easily scrambled over the net and landed on the ground of the circus ring. Standing across from her was a woman in grey sweatpants and a hoodie.
“What do you want Bret!?”
“You got some kind of letter from Japan. Have you been using my credit card to buy shit online again?”
So all of this is kind of terrible, sorry. I promise I'll go over the description and make the app look pretty later.
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Umbrella-girl1995 Sep 21, 2013  Student General Artist
Aaaaaaaaahhhhh~ <3 She's so spunky~
^u^ Thanks. Also, her being described as "spunky" cracks me up for some reason.
Umbrella-girl1995 Sep 21, 2013  Student General Artist
But she is~ I love it~! Would you like to rp?
Absolutely! I'm available pretty much all day so when ever it's good for you we can 
Umbrella-girl1995 Sep 21, 2013  Student General Artist
Awesome! Same! We can start right now~ Note fine?
yeah, do you want to start?
Umbrella-girl1995 Sep 21, 2013  Student General Artist
That's fine with me.
Bootsii Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconmonobearplz::iconsaysplz: UPUPU~! Welcome to my humble abode! Well I guess it's OURS now, eh? I know, I know, you're INCREDIBLY freaked out by my introduction! I mean, you're sitting there SLEEPING at a desk for pete's sake- HAVE SOME DECENCY. Just teasing~ Feel free to look around, and find your room while you're at it! Don't worry, I've placed all... well.. most of your belongings in there.
...........*Meh I've had weirder days*
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